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Be-youtiful with Sophie

I'm Sophie 😊. 

One of my favourite things about body shop at home is that the body shop at home products aren't tested on animals!😁🙌🏻

I will be doing live launches and selling products and I will be doing raffles too! ❣️ 

list of products & prices: 

how to place an order?

you can place your order via.


this will take your order and payment in one place. orders placed on the website are card payments only

how to pay?

cash/ card/ bank transfer 

how customers get there order?

orders will be sent directly from the warehouse to you (the customer)  

contact us:

facebook: www.facebook.com/Be-youtiful-with-Sophie

instagram: x.be_youtiful_with_sophie.x

contact number's

Sophie: via Tony or company facebook page (link above)